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Bodhgaya Yoga Meditation Tour

Bodh gaya in India is the blessed place for the Buddhists. Aside from being a noteworthy archeological site, it is additionally an indispensable Buddhist focus. Bodhagaya is situated at a separation of around 110 Kms from Patna. Bodhgaya in antiquated circumstances was called URUVELLA, and well known for being a position of PEACE, REALISATON AND ENLIGHTMENT. To study Buddhism and the craft of reflection, passionate Buddhists and voyagers from everywhere throughout the world visit Bodhgaya.Bodhgaya has additionally developed as a noteworthy place for Buddhist, Yoga and contemplation. Yoga" and "Reflection" have turned into the most mainstream sciences for curing Physical, Mental and Emotional Illness and furthermore to achieve Spiritual Strength. Yoga word is gotten or originated from Sanskrit dialect "yuj" which intends to tie, connection or dependability. Every single mending technique and contemplations are an integral part of Yoga..

Day 01 :Arrival Gaya Airpot /Station
On arrival at Gaya International Airport/ Railway station, you will meet and greet by our company representative. Transfer to Bodhgaya. Rest of the day is free for leisure. Overnight stay will be at Bodhgaya.

Day 02: Bodhgaya – Yoga class- Mahabodhi Temple Visit .
Early morning drive or walk to the yoga centre for yoga class followed by relaxation of body and mind. After relaxation learn about breath awareness exercise and stretching exercise. After breakfast rest of day is free for relax. Evening in -House yoga and traditional meditation class with visiting instructor.
Late Evening Visit The Maha Bodhi temple is an important place of worship for Buddhist followers. The 170 ft high slender pyramidal spire of the temple gives it a magnificent look and within the temple there is gilded image of Buddha in a sitting posture touching the earth with is right hand.

The ancient temple is believed to be standing on the site, where Emperor Ashoka had made a shrine in the 3rd century. It was restored in the 11th century and then again in 1882. Pilgrims from around the world visit this temple and the holy Bodhi tree that stands near it Bodhi Tree: The present Banyan tree is believed to be from the sapling of the original tree under which Buddha got his enlightenment.

A red sand stone slab known as Vajrasan, marks the place where Buddha had sat while meditating. There is a stone carving of Buddha's footsteps beneath the tree where offerings of flowers are made. The place around has shrines marking places where Buddha had spent his 7 weeks while attaining enlightenment.Overnight at Bodhgaya .

Day 03: Bodhgaya –Rajgir - Yoga class .
Breakfast at Hotel and Drive to Rajgir
Griddhakuta or Vultures Peak: Buddha used to spend monsoon months for three years here, meditating and preaching. The Buddha Sangh of Japan has made a massive Stupa called Shanti Stupa on the top of the hill here. A ropeway is built to reach to the top.
Venu Van Vihara: This was the first gift to Lord Buddha from Bimbisara’s side. Bimbisara spent a night with Lord Buddha here as he got late after taking bath in the warm water springs (Modern Name, Saraswati) & the gates of the city were closed. According to historical books, Lord Buddha stayed here for a very long time. This place is now a beautiful garden of colorful flowers. The foundation of a room & bases of 9 Stupas of brick were found in excavation at Venuvan. There is a huge mound in the south of it which is 776 feet in circumference & 27 feet in height.
This mound is surrounded by ancient underground shrines. On the eastern side of the mound, tablets of 10th – 11th Century have been found along with many traces of foundations.
Evening in -House yoga and traditional meditation class with visiting instructor. Overnigh at Rajgir

Day 04 Yoga-Nalanda -Bodhgaya
Morning We will go Yoga Class by Instructor After Lunch proceed to Nalanda: One of the great university of the world. Nalanda is the name of an ancient center of higher learning in Bihar. The site of Nalanda is located in the Indian state of Biha 55 miles south east of Patna, and was a Budhisht center of learning from the fifth or sixth century CE to 1197 CE. Proceed to Bodhgaya. Overnight at Bodhgaya . .

Day 04 Yoga- Bodhgaya Monastery - Dungeshwari Cave Temples
Early morning wake up for Pranayam and advance technique of Yoga. After breakfast bodhgaya sightseeing , International Mohastery , 80 feet Statue . Visit Dungeshwari Cave Temples, also known as Mahakala caves, is situated 30 km north-east of Bodhgaya, Bihar. There are three caves containing Buddhist shrines, where the Buddha is believed to have meditated. Dungeshwari Cave Temples are the ancient caves, located 12 km northeast of Bodhgaya. These are caves Lord Buddha underwent years of self-mortification before descending to Bodhgaya. Three main caves contain several shrines for Buddhists and one for Hindus. Dungeshwari cave temples are also popular as Sujata Sthan to local people. An interesting story is being famous on this temples. It is believed that when Buddha was doing his self-mortification, he became frail, feeble and starved. When he rested under a Banayan tree, a doomed village women named Sujata offered him food. Buddha accepted her offerings and consumed the food, his explicit approval presented him with a divine truth that neither extreme self indulgence nor self-abasement is the right way to attain enlightenment. Buddha attained the knowledge that folow the middle path was require to attain the supreme nirvana. Sujata Sthan or Dungeshwari Temple stands as a symbol commemorating this event.
Gautama Siddhartha is believed to have piously meditated at this place for six years before he went to Bodhgaya for the final realisation. Two small shrines are built to commemorate this phase of Buddha. A golden emaciated Buddha sculpture memorising the rigid penance is enshrined in one of the cave temples and a large (about 6’ tall) Buddha’s statue in the other. A Hindu goddess deity Dungeshwari is also placed inside the cave temple.

Day 05 : Bodhgaya - Sarnath - Varanasi
Morning We will go Yoga Class by Instructor After breakfast at hotel proceed to Varanasi en- route an excursion to Sarnath. Buddha delivered his first sermon, formed Sangha, the association and set in motion the Wheel of Law (Dharmachakra Pravartana). The teachings of Middle way i.e. giving up the extremes of either luxury or asceticism; four noble truths and eightfold path found their way in Sarnath through Lord Buddha. Later drive to Varanasi, check-in at hotel. In the evening, get ready to experience one of the most memorable moments of your life, as you will be taken for a boat ride on the River Ganges. Enjoy Ganga Aarti. Get a glimpse of the spiritualism at the Ganga Ghats (river front). Night stay at Hotel in Varanasi.

Day 06 : Varanasi
Moring and Evening Yoga close to Ganga River Ghat .

Day 07 : Varanasi Departure
Early morning 05:45hrs visit bathing Ghats. Take a boat ride on the holy River Ganges, exposes one of the most carefree, colorful and revered aspects of hindu life as the sunrise over the far banks, the Ghats come alive with rituals of Hindu worship and sounds of temple bells. A walk through narrow lanes, past the gold plated Vishwanath temple. Visit the Bharat Mata Temple, Durga Temple, Emperor Aurangzeb Mosque, drive past famous Benaras Hindu University with it’s marble Shiv temple and drive through the busy shopping streets to enjoy some free time shopping for Baneras silk materials. Benaras is famous for its Silk Brocades and beautiful Benaras Sarees. Afternoon Transfer to Airport for onward journey . .

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