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Luxury Bus Coach / Mini Coach- Bodh Gaya

We are trusted travel agent at Gaya provide travel service at Bodhgaya ,Ranchi, Deoghar ,Patna , Shikharji and Varanasi provide Hire Luxury bus / Coach for your trip . We provide fleet Luxury bus and coach -25, 35, 45 seater, We are specialized in Buddhist Pilgrimage tour in India and Sector cover Bodhgaya , Rajgir, Vashali , Kushinagar , Lumbini , Sravasti , Saranath and Varanasi. Hindu Pilgrimage Tour – Pind Daan and Jain Pilgrimage Tour cover - Rajir ,Kundalpur , Pavapuri ,Lachwad,Champapur ,Parasnath- Shikharji. Local sighstseing , our drivers are trained and experienced having excellent local knowledge . Also Not only will we provide you with reliable customized ground transportation services for corporate and association meetings , Conference.

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