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    Serene and quiet this tiny little village, holiest among the Buddhist religious center is boddhgaya. It was here that the quest of Prince Siddharth was fulfilled after years of quest for the ultimate truth,the supreme...Read More

  • GAYA
    Gaya is one the most important pilgrim centre for the Hindus since times immemorial. particularly for the ritual of Pind Dan. According to Hindu religious scriptures, every Hindu is expected to perform...Read More

    Rajgir is located in a verdant valley surrounded by rocky hills. An aerial ropeway provides the link with a hill top stupa "Peace Pagoda" built by the Japanese . On one of the hills is the caves of Saptaparni...Read More

    Nalanda has a very ancient history. Lord Vardhamana Mahavira and Lord Buddha had frequently visited it in the 6th century BC. It is also supposed to be the birth place of Sariputra, one of the chief disciples...Read More

    History and heritage of capital city of patna goes back to more than two millennium years. Patna had been the regal seat of governance for successive kingdoms each ruler was ascended in power, gave...Read More

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