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Bodhgaya Car Rental

We are trusted travel agent at Bodhgaya and Gaya for Car rental We provide fleet Small medium car and large medium car like Innova , Etios etc. We are specialized in Buddhist Pilgrimage tour in India and Sector cover Bodhgaya , Rajgir, Vashali , Kushinagar , Lumbini , Sravasti , Saranath and Varanasi. Hindu Pilgrimage Tour – Pind Daan and Jain Pilgrimage Tour cover - Rajir ,Kundalpur , Pavapuri ,Lachwad,Champapur ,Parasnath- Shikharji. Local sighstseing , Airport Pick and Drop from Bodh gaya to Varanasi and Patna at competitive rates. When it comes to comfort and Service our drivers are trained and experienced having excellent local knowledge .

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car rental gaya to deoghar
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